George & Matilda Optical

Studio Paperform was commissioned by Australian optical brand George & Matilda to be the featured artist for their annual health fund campaign.

Brief: Design and create a detailed and expressive paper illustration encouraging female audiences to engage with George & Matilda during their optical campaign. The image must be flexible enough to work at large scale as posters and collateral in stores and when viewed smaller across social platforms.

Story: Because George and Matilda needed to speak to their local audience we focused on engineering Australian native paper flowers for a sense of place. Around the bold messaging ‘Use it or Lose it’ formed an eye-catching and lush spray of florals and foliage that gently elevate paper facsimiles of optical frames on offer in-store. The paper waratahs, Australian tea tree and Sydney rock orchids have been lovingly detailed for heightened expression.

See Behind the Scenes: View here
Photography:Christopher Morris
Agency:Jacky Winter
Material:Colorplan 270gsm, specialty papers, foamcore, glue