La Mer Secrets of an Icon

Studio Paperform has again collaborated with renowned skincare brand Crème de la Mer.
This time for, La Mer – Secrets of an Icon.

Brief: Housed in a custom showcase within the iconic jar, conjure a shimmering underwater coral reef in paper for La Mer.

Story: Much to the delight of local shoppers, a supersized jar of Crème de la Mer cream appeared in Sydney’s Pitt St Mall. With lines round the block, customers were invited to enter and review the story of La Mer’s history.

Deep inside this incredible (6 meter high!) installtion Studio Paperform was charged with rendering a submarine ecosystem ‘to scale’ with detailed brain and fan corals, kelp and weed, that phosphoresce under a responsive lighting display. As the deep blue glimmer of the depths phases through, our shallow water creation comes to life in vibrant colour and reflective materials – the #LoveLaMer hashtag floating above.

Opposite in the space, alongside scientific and environmental displays, a full wall of Crème de la Mer jars worth AUD$1M – signifying the cult following the brand has become know for.

See Behind the Scenes: View here
Agency:TAG Group
Material:Colorplan 270gsm, specialty metallic papers, foam core, wooden dowel, perspex rod, modelling wire, lighting acetate, double-sided tape and glue