RWB Berserkergang!

Creative duo Anna and Luke of Romance Was Born asked me to join forces with them for their show – a hotly anticipated collaboration with Marvel Comics that saw them design some amazing garments. We decided a huge graphic pop-up set was in order – ZAP!

The production team certainly had a challenge on their hands. I created a working scale model in paper which was then blown up to runway sized proportions. The set mechanically opening at the start of the show. Pretty amazing when you think about it! Romance had been given the opening slot at 9am to kick off the whole week so the pressure was on for everyone to deliver something worthy. Strange to think that all that craziness and buildup is over in 10 minutes!

A massive thank you to Anna and Luke for asking me to be part of the whole shebang. Thank you also Radge for his excellent art direction, Rachel for her tireless efforts, Mark and Cat too. Last but not least thank you to my mate Kasia at The AEON for letting me use some of her images for this post.

Art Director:Ron Radge