Studio Paperform conspired with the deft creative team from Ogilvy to conjure an inspirational paper installation for Foxtel during TedxSydney.

Brief: A Thousand Tiny Sparks – an exhibition of napkin ideas. Those simple, random thoughts that inspire the biggest stories in film, television and art. Scribbled on a notepad, sketchbook – or even a napkin. Using this premise as a base (and the humble cocktail square as conduit) create and install a dynamic, interactive display for Foxtel that engages the TEDxSydney audience.

Story: The spark at the kernel of this collaboration is what can grow from a simple idea? Because of a small installation time window, we had to engineer a eye catching monument that was easy to install but also made its presence felt in the vast TedxSydney space. We designed and hand fabricated a custom ramped wooden frame in black for anchorage. Attached to this, from a single hanging point suspended in the ceiling, hundred of paper strings in linear sequence. Attendees added their own napkin ideas to the piece through out the day, helping it grow in popularity. It is this commitment to using the simplest of materials that is at the heart of Studio Paperform’s practice. Paper string, paper twine and napkins together can inspire wonder, magic and intrigue.

See Behind the Scenes: View here
Art Director:Elaine Li Jared Wicker
Material:paper string, paper twine, napkins, glue, pinewood, metal eyelets