ZARA Boxes with a Future

Studio Paperform was selected by ZARA to collaborate as international artist for their inaugural BOXES WITH A FUTURE initiative.

Brief: Employ creativity to reimagine waste materials for a fun children’s beachside shoot. Using the company’s environmentally sustainable online boxes, design and build an inspirational dwelling and accompanying set piece that can travel to Tenerife, Spain to be photographed for their launch campaign.

Story: By the time a ZARA customer receives their online purchase, the boxes used for shipping items have already been recycled internally up to 8 times – helping to lower costs and environmental impact. Because the creative team from ZARA wanted to revaluate their perception of cardboard in a playful way , they consulted with Studio Paperform to build an idea. Together we explored a new point of view within the material through creativity and play. Harking back to the cardboard box cubbies of childhood, we engineered a refined and quirky structure – a space for both exploration and dreaming. A natural dwelling that sits comfortably with the landscape that created it. Because the pieces had to compactly travel across the world and be assembled with ease and at speed at the other end, we used a modular approach, capitalising on the uniform nature of the boxes themselves.

Material:ZARA cardboard boxes, metal paper file fasteners