Carine Thevenau

Studio Paperform collaborated with Australian photographer Carine Thevenau on a series of oversized origami animals for the launch of her new photographic book, Seasonal Abandonment of Imaginary Worlds, at Koskela during Sydney Design Week 2018.

Brief: Design and create a dreamy Japanese origami display to accompany the book’s exhibition.

Story: Seasonal Abandonment of Imaginary Worlds is Carine Thevenau’s love letter to neglected vintage Japanese play equipment. Taking a child-like view, we engineered an oversized origami giraffe, elephant, rabbit and fox, mimicking the playground animals in the imagery. Drawing on traditional Japanese children’s paper folding patterns once again, we updated the designs to have more shape and body at this enlarged scale. Because we wanted to create a conversation between the origami and the exhibition artworks we worked closely to match the soft washed pastels colours from the original photographs.  In an additional gesture, we distressed the exteriors of the animals with paper crumpling techniques and rubbings of chalk to bring a weathered feeling to the installtion.

Photography:Carine Thévenau
Material:Colorplan 270gsm, foam core, chalk, double-sided tape