Interpretations V – Paper

Studio Paperform was asked by leading Australian product design studio Vert Design to participate in Interpretations V exhibition – an ongoing exploration of materials through the lens of design.

Brief: The brief for this exhibition was paper (cellulose) in all its form and processes – cut, constructed, folded, formed, stitched, moulded as pulp, laminated, used in conjunction with other materials etc.

Story: ‘Remnants’ is a series of whimsical, quasi functional paper forms Studio Paperform created using the scraps from projects past. As paper engineers, we use paper (cellulose) every day in our creative process – it has become a familiar exchange. For Interpretations V we took the opportunity to explore a different work flow, seeking out a new path of interaction to our usual outcomes of precision and control. Recycling was core to this project. Made entirely of scrap paper remnants from projects past, we hand shredded mountains of leftovers and employed the traditional technique of papier-maché, refocussing it with a modern design point of view. Using only paper and PVA glue we created bespoke moulds (including a found lampshade) drawing on our love of simple geometries and colour. Alongside some leading lights of Australian Design (Charles WilsonAndrew Simpson, Sarah King, Harriet WattsTom SkeehanTom FeredayElbowrkshp) the exhibition was presented firstly at DESIGN-MADE, followed by a second showing at the Australian Design Centre.

This projects exemplifies Studio Paperform’s ongoing mantra to honouring paper as sole expressive medium. Refining our ideas to employ this simple, renewable material in unique and expressive ways.




Year:2017 / 2018
Material:Scrap paper, PVA glue