H&M Conscious Collection

Studio Paperform was again commissioned by the creatives from Alfred to collaborate on an environmentally focused paper installation for H&M’s inaugural ‘Conscious Collection’.

Brief: Design and create a paper installation to heighten the sustainable message of H&M’s first environmentally conscious clothing collection. To be applied across the two main front windows and in-store, within a custom designed timber pop-up concession at Sydney’s flagship, H&M Pitt Street.

Story: Using 100% recyclable materials as our base, we decided to trace two expressions of thought within the one display for a broader message. Firstly, we engineered sculptural organic paper ‘epiphytes’ (hardy air-plants that do not need soil to grow) lightly sprouting in loose clusters. These intuitive flowerings are perched across the display to soften the linear wooden architecture. The paper palette’s earthy colours were chosen to heighten the tones of the conscious clothing collection and harmonise them with the raw state plywood. Our second paper expression is a series of layered ‘paper curtains’  that echo back to the linear architecture in a softer expression and talk to the ordering of space, structure and process within environmentally sound fashion systems.

Because of H&M’s commitment to green business practices in this endeavour, Studio Paperform was a natural fit for this collaborative project.

See Behind the Scenes: View here
Photography:Yasmin Mund
Art Director:Renier J. van Vuuren
Material:Colorplan 270gsm, Japanese paper twine, paper raffia