Katherine Sabbath Greatest Hits

Studio Paperform teamed up with Australian baking superstar Katherine Sabbath to make her dream of a pop-up cake cookbook come to life in: Katherine Sabbath Greatest Hits – The Pop Edition.

Alongside a strong team of creatives and production, what started as a small, bright idea and subsequent Kickstarter campaign has since gone on to become a hugely successful niche publication that has sold out its two print runs to Katherine’s legion of fans across the globe. (Now an ebook!)

Brief: Through Benja’s paper engineering vision, transform 10 of Kathrine’s most iconic baking moments into pop-ups, bringing her zany recipes off the page and into people’s kitchens.

Story: Because of our popular Kickstarter campaign (which raised a staggering $260K from excited backers!) there was a great buoyancy heading in to this incredibly complex project. Given the high level of expectation from our supporters the pressure was on to deliver something magnificent that did justice to Kat’s exceptional work.

Having tackled a simple pop-up cake before, the giant leap to rendering in moving 3D paper, 10 of Kat’s most loved cake creations – with all their depth and detail – was a spectacular challenge.

Creating this 50 page volume was certainly one of the most technically thrilling projects Studio Paperform has undertaken and the final result would not have been possible without the dedication of the whole team. The success of this self-published book has since gone on to assert Kat’s trailblazing culinary style, making her one of the world’s leading visionaries in modern baking adventures.

Katherine Sabbath Greatest Hits – The Pop Edition details:

Author: Katherine Sabbath
Photography: Nikki To
Art Direction: Tracy Lines
Paper Engineering: Benja Harney
Styling: Alicia Sciberras
Retouching: Suriya Black
Videography: Jeremy Shaw
Project Production: Hunt and Dust
Book Production: Small But Mighty