Red or Dead Pop-Up

The Red or Dead pop-up book is the first in a series of self-initiated projects after completion of my graphic design studies in 2004. At this early stage of my paper engineering career I was keen to get my work out into the world and took every opportunity to develop ideas, creating new objects where possible. During this time, the Sydney art scene was alive with loads of small independent galleries who created a vibrant cultural hub that nurtured local young artists.

It was the challenging mental dexterity required by pop-up mechanisms that first set the spark to my fascination with paper as medium of expression. Because I had become completely enamoured with the whole process of conceiving, designing and engineering pop-up books at college I pursued this passion as an artistic outlet whilst establishing my burgeoning practice.  

Brief: Designed and engineered for the ‘Red or Dead’ group exhibition at Gallery 44 in Darlinghurst. 

Story: In response to the title, I created a large scale format pop-up book as an interactive art piece. The three pop-up spreads depict the a fire truck, rubies and the Red Baron. I attempted a lipstick and compact too but I never got the chance to finish that before the show!

As this was shot just before high-res digital photography was commonplace, I sadly dont have any better (or larger) images of this book until I re-shoot it.

Material:200gsm white vellum, 220gsm red gloss, book board, double-sided tape, archival glue