Marsu Homme Pop-Up

The Marsu Homme pop-up book was an early commission for Studio Paperform by young entrepreneurial Australian shoe label Marsu Homme for their Spring/Summer ‘07 season.

Brief: Design and engineer five bespoke pop-up lookbooks for for the company’s local/international sales presentations.

Story: Because Marsu Homme had a commitment to Italian craftsmanship and hand-finished quality, they wanted a handcrafted object to help tell their story to clients.  The five pop-up spreads in the book bring the models to life as they move through the pages. We covered the book with kangaroo leather used in production of the shoes so clients could get up close with the high quality feel of the product.

As this was shot just before high-res digital photography was commonplace, I sadly dont have any better (or larger) images of this book until I re-shoot it.

Material:200gsm white vellum, kangaroo leather, book board, cotton thread, double-sided tape, archival glue