Shigeru Ban

A bespoke packaging suite engineered for world renowned Japanese Architect Shigeru Ban in collaboration with Greg Anderson from Trigger Design.

Paperform’s brief was to create a harmonious and inspiring package in which to house a collaborative architectural pitch from Tolland Williams Architects and Shigeru Ban Architects for the UTS Broadway Design Competition. Our focus was an innovative ‘woven’ paper cover for the main report. This angular design detail lent a quiet approach – its form requiring no glue. Using textural detail we sought to evoke the simplicity in Shigeru Ban’s practice. In a further gesture, we incorporated brown card into the larger packaging suit, mimicking the architects love of raw materials and geometric lines.

Benja – ‘Shigeru Ban, also know as the ‘Paper Architect’, is most famous for his innovative work constructing with paper, particularly recycled cardboard paper tube. Elements of his recent practice have focused on cardboard structures as quick & inexpensive building materials for emergency shelter.’

Photography:Trigger Design
Art Director:Gregory Anderson
Material:Paper 200gsm, brown card 260gsm, double-sided tape, book binder's thread