Victorian Portraits

The Victorian Portraits are the third in a series of self-initiated projects after completion of my graphic design studies in 2004. At this early stage of my paper engineering career I was keen to get my work out into the world and took every opportunity to develop ideas, creating new objects where possible. During this time, the Sydney art scene was alive with loads of small independent galleries who created a vibrant cultural hub that nurtured local young artists.

Brief: Designed and engineered for a (the name now forgotten) group exhibition alongside my Victorian Insect pop-up books

Story: Entitled ‘If I were Victorian’, this self-portrait was my first incantation toward the spirit of founding Studio Paperform. The creased and layered forms with a focus on crisp detail were some my first explorations into a more sophisticated sculptural paper style. This became the early logo mark of my fledgling studio.

The accompanying female portrait was made slightly later in early 2006 to balance out the pair.

Material:200gsm white vellum, 220gsm black gloss, book board, mounting tape, double-sided tape, archival glue